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Re: Anyone Care to Critique my Apt Preferences? (was Re: apt-cacher as package rollback buffer)


On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 11:41:26AM -0800, Freeman wrote:
> > > My ego may be the more delicately balanced but my system is the more
> > > precious. :)
> > 
> > This squeeze testing cycle has been rough because of major transitions.
> > My recent upgrade in one of the multiboot setup from stable to unstable
> > caused unbootable system.
> > 
> Yep. I've never lost a file-system in 7 years of Debian until the
> xserver-xorg/mesa upgrade.

Wait... you did not loose file system.  I am writig from ex-unbootable
system :-)  This is typical unstable situation.  Data are there.  Just a
broken boot system.

You just need to boot system with another partition or from live CD and
chroot into unbootable system after fixing obvious problem like broken
/etc/resolv.conf.  Then update system with good deb via aptitude in chroot.

I have had several broken grub/lilo previously, too.  These are easyones
to fix.

> In which case, I pin the rolled back version to 1001. The preferences file
> can live on in moderation for the sake of learning.

Or, just use "sudo dpkg -i old-package.deb" (maybe in chroot).

Please read "Chapter 2. Debian package management"


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