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Re: Correct binary for Intel Core i5

On 2/21/2010 10:01 PM, Peter Tenenbaum wrote:
Stan --

It sounds like, if the Realtek drivers are not present on the Debian
distribution, I have at least two options:  going to the Realtek site
and downloading their linux 64 bit drivers, or compiling my own kernel
from source on kernel.org <http://kernel.org>.  Does that sound about

As far as video cards are concerned, I have a (probably) ignorant
question: how do I put the integrated northbridge video support to use
on these motherboards, since they do not appear to have any video output
spigots on them?

Thanks for all your help with my project!

If your set of connectors doesn't include video, your chosen motherboard does not have integrated video.

Using generic drivers from an OEM is a lot of work. You must be prepared to compile and install a kernel module, making sure to use the correct version of gcc, or worse, patch a generic kernel, configure it, and compile it, then install it. This can be fun, but it can also be tedious.

Rolling your own gives you complete control of the process. It also requires a lot of responsibility.

You must watch the security advisories, and be prepared to patch and recompile on short notice every time a kernel hack is found.

I like ASUS "enthusiast" boards. These are expensive. If you are looking for a midrange machine, you may not like my choices. Newegg is a place to look to get a feel for the current state of the industry. They have good prices on popular boards. Go to newegg.com and look around, then visit tech blogs and review sites to learn about those boards that looked interesting. anandtech, hardocp, ars technica, etc.

I am using an older X58 board, the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2. Since it is socket 1366, it was pricey, especially since it required 50% more memory.

You might look at boards in the ASUS P7P55 series, say the P7P55D-E Deluxe. However, it also has the 6.0G SATA support, which is probably another driver headache. Goto usa.asus.com, and look at socket 1156 boards.

Good luck!

Mark Allums

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