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Re: passwd on weekly snapshot isos

Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:

> I've googled and looked everywhere my little pea brain could think of
> but not finding the all important passwd for the weekly snapshot isos.
> I'll bet its somewhere totally obvious, but I've spent the last hour
> drawing blanks.
>   strings like these in google:
> site:debian.org password install media
> site:debian.org password weekly snapshots
> site:debian.org install password 
> None of those worked ... the install FAQ has nothing about it.
> The install documentation appears to assume a full scale cd install
> where you are using an installer and create the users and passwords as
> you go.
> I booted up a weekly snapshot iso and reached the login prompt... now what?

Please disregard... this was total operator error of the dumbest kind.
Its a debian install as vmware guest.  The bootup was simply bypassing
the iso and booting up the exiting os, which of course needed the
password I gave it long ago... gack... sorry.

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