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Man pages show non-english characters

on a recently upgrade to squeeze and still working the upgrade I
notice my man pages have a scattering of non-englsh char scattered
through them, that in places makes it difficult to read.

Here is a good example from `man aptitude' at the `search' option:


           Searches for packages matching one of the patterns supplied
           on the command line. All packages which match any of the
           given patterns will be displayed; for instance, âaptitude
           search ´~N´ editâ

Not sure how it will come out in mail but I see enough accents and
such around the pattern as to make it non-readable.

I think this was how it was before the upgrade too.  

Have I done something with locales or the like that is causing this?
Or maybe an env setting?

How can I get all english man pages?

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