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Re: 1 last line from upgrade to squeeze

Harry Putnam schreef:
After moving from lenny to squeeze with a full-upgrade, I see this
final line of output from `aptitude full-upgrade

  Current status: 8 broken [+8], 713 updates [-131].

What does that line mean.  Do I need to investigate and fix whatever
there are 8 broken of?
It means that eight packages have unmet dependencies. This is likely because some leftover packages from lenny require packages that are no longer available in squeeze. Use the aptitude ui to see which packages are broken, or do a
 aptitude search ~b
to get a list. This you can then fix.

And the last item [-131] ... does it mean that -131 pkgs were
unaffected or that I have -131 useless pkgs or ...
That 131 packages were upgraded, and the other 713 were not. This is likely related to the 8 broken packages. This will require some manual effort to fix the stuff.


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