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Re: ATI drivers

Hi Nick,

no plans for tonight yet, is Aki coming too? Should we prepare some dinner? And when do you want to come?

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Nick Hastings <mitsubishievo2@ftml.net> wrote:

* Jan Schuemann <janpos@gmail.com> [100218 20:22]:
> Sure, wanna come over for it again? i think we also should get kernel 33 if
> it's out yet.

Shit, I just checked the version numbers: the driver web page
indicates that the driver will work for xorg 7.4, but says nothing
about 7.5 which is what is in testing and unstable :-(

Even if we can't do the upgrade the OS we can try to upgrade xbmc.

Do you have plans for tonight?



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