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Re: Air compressors vs. canned air

On Wed, 17 Feb 2010 08:09:17 -0500 (EST), John Hasler wrote:
> Chris Jones writes:
>> What seems to be happening is that I am a rather 'energetic' typist,
>> and those keyboards were never designed to cope with intensive typing
>> in the first place.
> Then you need an IBM Model M.  You won't wear it out.

I second that motion!  I have two of them.  I wish I had more.
They are the best keyboards ever made, in my humble opinion.  (Or at least
the best keyboards I personally have ever used.)  Unfortunately, IBM has
not made this keyboard, or any keyboard, for that matter, in years.  But
I heard on the news about a year ago that some company was making a clone
of these keyboards, using IBM's old factory, if I'm not mistaken, for
high-end typing power users.  The electronics have been updated for a USB
interface instead of the original PS/2 interface.  But the key action is
identical.  They aren't cheap!  But if your computer can handle
a traditional PS/2 keyboard connection, and if you are lucky enough to
find one of the original ones used, you might get it for a reasonable price.

These are 101-key keyboards, not 104-key keyboards.  They don't have the
two Windows® logo keys or the menu key.  But who cares!  I never use those
keys anyway.

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