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Re: HW Raid

--- On Wed, 17/2/10, Alex Samad <alex@samad.com.au> wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks for all the input. I did some more research on the
> high point and
> even though it talks about smartctl it doesn't actually get
> you through
> to each device.
> I have now started to look at the adaptec 51245, 3 x sas
> connectors with
> fan outs to sata. and 1 x sas external connector.
> Seems like adaptec have done some work on linux and making
> more
> information more accessible to linux
> I always though of adaptec as being on the pricey side but
> this isn't
> too bad a price.

We're using Adaptec 5805's here, not sure on the situation now, but I had to run the storman client through alien to get it installed on debian - but it all runs as expected. With the adaptec tools it's easy to monitor via command line or via the adaptec storage manager software.

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