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Automatically remounting CIFS share


We have a Debian Linux server which has a persistent mount of a CIFS share provided by a Buffalo fileserver (NAS) device.

The mount is started automatically (from fstab) when our Debian machine boots, and works properly and consistently, unless the fileserver is rebooted.  Once that happens the CIFS share has to be unmounted and remounted manually.  Sometimes it takes our sysadmins a while to realize this, and so we have more downtime than is necessary.

In the past when I have used NFS servers, failures were handled automatically; when the fileserver rebooted, it would be gone for a short while, then when it was back would immediately start working again.

Is there a way to get similar behavior from a CIFS server, where a rebooted fileserver will automatically be remounted when it comes back?



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