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Re: Air compressors vs. canned air

Timothy Legg put forth on 2/13/2010 10:27 PM:
>> On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 6:30 PM, Chris Jones <cjns1989@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> ...and might be able to
>>> comment on the respective merits of air compressors vs. air cans..?
>>> CJ
>> in a recent point and shoot camera surgery i regret using compressed
>> air cans. after a certain * of rotation the can might expel high
>> velocity condensation onto whatever delicate electronics you are
>> working with. like...  interior camera optics.
>> i would highly suggest the air compressor. i have never heard of an
>> air compressor shooting water out of its hose...
> It does happen.


All compressors take in water vapor when they compress air with moisture in it.
 The manuals recommend releasing all air from the tank and opening the drain
valve to get the water out.

I was stoking a yard waste fire to get it going with my air hose and noticed
quite a bit of moisture.  I bled the tank shortly afterward and got maybe 4
ounces of water on the garage floor.

So yes, you compress the atmosphere into a can, and you will get about 71%
nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, some CO2, and some H2O.  The latter depending on many
factors.  If you stick the compressor out in the rain and run it, obviously the
H2O content in the air tank will be much higher.


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