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Re: Suggestions for VoIP software on lenny please

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 02:35:38PM +0000, George wrote:
> I'm away from home right now and need VoIP to communicate with my
> loved ones. Skype works, but it's a CPU hog, has an awful GUI, it
> messes up with the soundcard, it's extremely buggy and thus a pain to
> use. I've tried Gizmo, which sorta works but it's unusable because the
> sound is horrible, to the point that you can't tell whether there's a
> human or a malfunctioning robot at the other end. Linphone and Ekiga
> don't work at all.
> So at the moment I'm stuck with Skype, and I really don't like it. Any
> suggestions would be welcome.

I don't know if that falls into what you are looking for.
I have a asterisk server running at home and in the office. Localy I 
have SIP phones (CISCO 7XXX) with that.

When I am on the road I use zoiper (free as in beer) with the iax 
protocol. This way you have less issues with NAT. 

This works even over 3G Wireless network.

Henning Follmann           | hfollmann@itcfollmann.com
it consultant              | www.itcfollmann.com

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