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Re: avi to dvd

Jens Van Broeckhoven wrote:
On Saturday 06 February 2010 20:49:56 Bogdan wrote:

Can someone point me to a decent GUI  [i don't want to go through the
command line for this] avi to dvd converter? I've Googled a little and
found some references for DeVeDe and ManDVD, but i'm not able to make a
documented decision.

Thank you,

Devede is comparable with ConvertXtoDVD for windows.


Thanks for your advice. I guess I'll go for Devede than.

Best regards,

ing. Bogdan MARIAN
Timisoara, ROMANIA
E-mail: bogdan.dumitru.marian@gmail.com
E-mail: mendingo84@gmail.com

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