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Re (4): Installing lilo in Squeeze after booting from the Lenny installer CD.


> I think you might have been somewhat confused by my suggestions.
> I actually gave two completely different alternative recovery scenarios.

Yes.  I'd missed Alternative number 1 and followed 2 
approximately.  I used the ncurses interface whereas 
you refer to the CLUI.

> If you can't find an installer CD which uses the same kernel version that
> you are using,

The extant system has 2.6.30 and 2.6.32 in /boot.  The 
"daily built" Squeeze installer worked with no snags.

> With boot=/dev/hda1, lilo will install itself in the boot sector
> of the first partition on drive /dev/hda. 


> I assume that you changed it to say  boot=/dev/hda


> Read the man page for lilo.conf carefully. 

OK, the installation default is "delay=0" but even 
with non-zero delay I couldn't get the Lilo prompt.
Finally I changed "install=bmp" to "install=menu" 
and booted single with no problem.

> Now, is it possible to create a third menu item, 
> ... put "single" in the append option ...

That's it!  Thanks.

The system is on its feet again.
Thanks,        ... Peter E.

Google "pathology workshop"

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