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Re: Does lenny use grub2?

Dne, 30. 01. 2010 13:21:40 je Camaleón napisal(a):

b) Install it in the first sector of a partition -> this is my preferred
solution, as it does not touch the MBR at all and you can have as many
grubs as you want :-)

My preferred solution too. An additional bonus is that you get rather robust, self-contained partitions: they don't depend on any Grubs residing on other partitions, so are completely impervious to you reformatting other partitions, or installing new systems on them, or whatever. In fact, as you rightly point out, even in the remote case that all your partitions save one get somehow borked, you just have to enable the surviving partition and the

computer will boot by just marking it with the boot-flag. I know, it's a
bit messy O:-)

It may be a bit messy, but is also very clean and simple to maintain.


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