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Re: spam list

Jesus arteche put forth on 1/25/2010 11:56 AM:
> Hello everyone,
> I buildt an smtp aplication which sends mails to a mail server. Ok the ip of
> the mailserver is not blacklisted but the ip of the server where it is the
> smtp application is blacklisted...the two ip's appears in the head of the
> mail. I dont know how i can exclude my ip from the blacklist...or how to
> solve this problem...cause some clients doesnt receive my mails and it
> results very agggg...

Applications don't send email to mail servers.  They send email to email
addresses.  What you're referring to is _relaying_ email from your application
box to an ISP submission/relay server.  Just like any smtp server, it is
inserting the sending host IP address into the received header.  Receiving hosts
don't like the originating IP address that's in the received headers.  The only
way I know of for you to get around this is to install a header rewrite filter
on the relay server.  Your ISP is probably not willing to do this. ;)

The bigger question is:  If you are relaying through your ISP, your mail
shouldn't be rejected by destination SMTP servers merely due to an IP in a
received header.  If this was the case, the vast majority of consumer end users
whose dynamic IP addresses are in lists such as the PBL wouldn't be able to send
email, ever.

What else is going on that you are not telling us?  What kind of email does this
"application" send?  What blacklist(s) is the application host's IP address on?
 Please provide said IP addresses of the two mail hosts involved so we can
investigate the problem.  You haven't provided enough information.


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