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Re: x.509 gpgsm and kmail

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 01:35:23PM -0500, Curt Howland wrote:
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> On Saturday 23 January 2010, Curt Howland was heard to say:
> > Hi, Debian Users.
> >
> > A friend of mine asked if I could send him encrypted mail using
> > X.509, rather than OpenPGP which I normally use.

have a look at cacert.org, create a cert there, I believe there is a
form to fill in.

I haven't heard about gsgsm, but do a look up on smime, I believe mutt
can handle gpg + smime.

smine uses x509 certs

> Ok, to continue the discussion, it turns out that (DN) 
> means "Distinguished Names" the _best_ description of "Distinguished 
> Names" that I found was Microsoft's:
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa366101(VS.85).aspx
> And once I'd put in "CN=Curt Howland" the keygen process worked. One 
> of the problems is that the --list-keys display doesn't use the 
> term "Name (DN)" anywhere, so there's no way to know what field is 
> being referred to in the keygen question.
> Next step is importing and using the key, but what a mess. The 
> original PGP was easier to use than this, maybe because it wasn't 
> written by people who already know what they're doing.
> Second System Syndrome.
> Curt-
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