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/etc/resolv.conf and resolvconf

Sometime ago, I switched to OpenDNS using the resolvconf program.  I now want 
to switch back to the default DNS provided by the gateway -, 
which, I think, passes over to ATT's server.  I'd use resolvconf, but I 
forgot how and the man page isn't much help to me.  So, I purged resolvconf; 
now the only instance of resolvconf  is the deb file in apt archives 
and /etc/resolv.conf is no longer a symlink.   I then manually 
changed /etc/resolv.conf.  However, upon a dhcp request resolv.conf reverts 
to OpenDNS.  I tried  entering "prepend domain-name-servers"   
in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf - but no relief.  What's overwriting resolv.conf, 
and how do I stop it?

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