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Mythtv 0.22 segfault

With recent mythtv upgrade 0.22 I get a kernel message
"mythfrontend[8527]: segfault at 0 ip b4f0af13 sp a9168b48
error 4 in libmpeg2.so.0.0.0[b4f05000+17000]" when I try to
play back any recording, on my mostly stock Lenny system.
(The main differences are upgraded radeonhd drivers, 1.2.5-1
and kernel

Everything else in mythtv works, and since mpeg2 crashes I don't
think it's the QT4 upgrade issue.  Anyone else have problems
with 0.22+fixes20100105?  I don't see an update in the pipeline
but I'm not sure how or whether to escalate.

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