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Re: Squeeze vs. Lenny update frequency?

On Thu,07.Jan.10, 15:05:27, Mark wrote:
> Probably a dumb question, but...if a person uses Squeeze for pretty much
> nothing but web browsing with Iceweasel and whose system works just fine as
> of today, what risk would it be to not run Update Manager except say, once a
> month?  We're talking about very normal web browsing - gmail, facebook,
> etc.  Also playing games like Sudoku, Tetravex, etc.

IMHO it is difficult to make a universal recipe.

If you wait to long the update will involve a lot of packages and you 
might get hit by several issues at once.

OTOH some issues are only temporary and if you don't update to often you 
won't even notice they existed.

It also depends on the preferences of the person(s) using that system.  
For example I wouldn't dream installing anything else but stable on my 
mothers laptop (even if I had easy access to maintain it, which I 
don't), because she doesn't like things to change too often, but I would 
get bored if I would run anything else but sid on my own laptop ;)

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