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Re: 64-Bit Land

John Hasler put forth on 1/6/2010 12:48 PM:
> Freeman writes:
>> But is somebody still building 32-bit cpu's?
> Of course, and 16-bit and 8-bit as well.  Embedded systems vastly
> outnumber pcs and are rarely 64-bit.

And there are a lot of embedded 32 bit Linux systems in the wild, and many more
being manufactured today and tomorrow.  Most, if not all, netbooks have 32 bit CPUs.

Over half the Intel Atom processors are 32 bit only:

Six of VIA's eight current processors are 32 bit:

There are many many companies still building 32 bit CPUs.  I think the question
you really meant to ask: "Is somebody still building mainstream x86 desktop 32
bit only CPUs?"

The answer to that is, sadly, no, not really.


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