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Re: Two computers in one: two users each with their own accounts, monitor, and keyboard?

On Wednesday 06 January 2010 09:06:06 green wrote:
> Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote at 2010-01-06 04:59 -0600:
> > Without hard disks, and needing only enough CPU power to run X, the
> > second system could be *very* small.  Since it could share (at least)
> > /usr with the main system, it wouldn't need to be separately updated
> > much.
> Actually, it would NOT need to be separately updated at all.
> > TLDR: No; look into something like LTSP, but small-scale.
> I set up LTSP once for 2 workstations, with one running Fedora (before I
> discovered Debian) and the other network-booting from it.  The setup was
>  simple (I was new to Linux then) and the only significant issue I remember
>  was that 3D applications did not work over the network and maybe there was
>  some trouble with removable media.

Yes.  I meant to mention that any sort of DRI and the 3D acceleration that 
goes with it generally fails when using a local X server and remote X clients.  
The composite extension also doesn't work well, IIRC -- but perhaps it will if 
your local X server and the applications you are using are happy with using 
colors/images that contain an alpha channel.

Technically, OpenGL was designed with network transparency in mind, but it 
doesn't always work well when large textures and/or changing textures or 
geometries are involved.
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