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Re: Postgresql wont restart. Can I clear shared memmory segments without rebooting?

On 15:30 Wed 06 Jan     , Kun Niu wrote:
> Before you execute "echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches", you'd better
> run "sync" first.:D

Thank you, a good point.

I was mostly interested as a matter of knowledge, as I did not go into linux to 
become a 'cargo culter' and reboot without knowing what it did. Rebooting will close
everything safely as well as free the unfreed shared memory segments. 

I wanted to know for knowledge sake... !

On the other hand, 
look for postgresql owned shared memory
ipcrm -s <ID> of those

would seem to be ok as long as no postgresql process is goind on in the background.

After reading about the different ways of doing this, which include rebooting, at the
postgresql mailing list, I would likely proceed in order of choice

1. reboot
or else if I am feeling really bold and adventurous, and have everything backed up nicely,
2. ipcs, then ipcrm -s <ID>

Thank you again!

Mitchell Laks

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