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Re: Masquerading problems: squeeze via lenny

Andrei Popescu wrote:

> On Tue,05.Jan.10, 03:53:22, Antonio Perez wrote:
>> You could start a Wireshark capture on both the LAN and the PPP before
>> performing the wget command and compare both.
> I installed tshark (I only have ssh access as both machines are in a
> different city) on the gateway, but unfortunately I can't tell what are
> the interesting packets due to the "background noise" on ppp0.
> What am I looking for? A filter expression would be very helpful here as
> this is the first time I'm doing such traffic analysis.

Filter udp destination port 53 (DNS) in both the LAN and PPP and compare.
	hint: udp.dstport==53
analyze if dns requests are being correctly resolved.

As you are using this commands:
	$ wget www.google.com
	$ wget www.livecdlist.com
which both work on port 80, filter the destination port 80 and compare.
	hint: tcp.dstport==80

Are the lists of packets any different between the lenny and squeeze setups?

If you have no experience with packet analysis, it would be very difficult 
to explain it all in this list. Sorry.

Antonio Perez

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