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Re: Memory card has no UUID. How to give it one?

OK I was able to set a FAT UUID...
$ lshal|sort|uniq -u #shows
block.device = '/dev/sda1'  (string)
block.device = '/dev/sdb1'  (string)
volume.uuid = ''  (string)
volume.uuid = '2004-1223'  (string)
In /etc/mtools.conf using
 drive a: file="/dev/sda1"
 drive b: file="/dev/sdb1"
# minfo a: b:|sort|uniq -u
banner:"        "
disk label="NO NAME    "
disk label="BLARFOWITZ "
serial number: 00000000
serial number: 20041223

Then I used mlabel to set it,
with a few caveats of

P.S., GNU parted apparently can't set FAT labels of numbers.

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