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multiple applications segfault with error 6

I get multiple messages like these from dmesg. I'm not sure if this is a bug in a library or something is fubar with my system. It seems only gnome applications are effected (crash). I thought this was an xrandr issue until today when I saw the messages for ld-2.10 (below). 

output from dmesg, some duplicate applications messages removed

gnome-settings-[4218]: segfault at 3a ip b7406140 sp bfeda14c error 6 in libXrandr.so.2.2.0[b7403000+6000]

xscreensaver[4211] general protection ip:b7ed2810 sp:bfd2359c error:0 in libXrandr.so.2.2.0[b7ecf000+6000]
operapluginwrap[4375]: segfault at 3a ip b7433140 sp bff98f5c error 6 in libXrandr.so.2.2.0[b7430000+6000]
operapluginwrap[4386]: segfault at 3a ip b73f9140 sp bfd5cd2c error 6 in libXrandr.so.2.2.0[b73f6000+6000]
pg_ctl[4555]: segfault at 8b5424a0 ip b7fbb300 sp bfed6cc4 error 6 in ld-2.10.2.so[b7fb5000+1c000]  
reportbug[5129]: segfault at 3a ip b6bf5140 sp bfef769c error 6 in libXrandr.so.2.2.0[b6bf2000+6000]
pg_ctl[5209]: segfault at 8b4fe4a0 ip b7f77300 sp bfb92984 error 6 in ld-2.10.2.so[b7f71000+1c000]

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