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Re: Using Exim4 to send Messages through GMail

On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 06:11:23PM +0000, Wu-Kung Sun wrote:
> Try leaving it blank when you do a dpkg-reconfigure.
That's how it was set before, I had left it blank, since then I added 
"localhost; machinename" to it. Now when emailing my self (me@localhost) 
the email gets append to /var/mail/me and is not passed to gmail any more, 
which I think is the desired behavior. I'm hoping that when the system has 
any messages to pass to root like rotating logs and other stuff, they will 
be sent to directly to my inbox on /var/mail/me. It would be nice if the 
howto in the Debian wiki could be more specific on this kind of details.
Thanks once more for your help.

Best regards. 

  José Santos  | Debian Squeeze/Sid mixed system 
jsantos@ubi.pt | SMP PREEMPT   

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