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Re: Sharing firefox settings in seamonkey

On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 10:49:34AM EST, T o n g wrote:
> Hi,
> Quick question, has anyone tried to use firefox settings (homepage 
> setting, bookmark, saved password, etc) in seamonkey?

Contrary to FF, seamonkey does not appear to have a global 'import'
wizard, at least I don't see it.

I didn't see an 'export' in FF either.

As to bookmarks, there are import/export menu entries in Seamonkey's
'manage bookmarks' popup - Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks, and then
'Tools' in the popup. 

For other stuff, you may have to go through your ~/.mozilla tree and
find where FF keeps his stuff.

Even for bookmarks, and if this is something you need to do on a regular
basis because you are using both browsers concurrently, you may need to
work out some kind of a cron'd solution that regularly updates/merges
the respective bookmark files of each browser.


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