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Re: Interpretation of the dmidecode information

On Sat, 02 Jan 2010 17:22:03 -0600, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

> Camaleón put forth on 1/2/2010 12:44 PM:
>> Maybe older SMBIOS versions just display wrong or incorrect data. Just
>> trust the manufacturer's specs.
> I wouldn't make that general statement about SMBIOS age playing a role
> in incorrect data.  More than likely this is a vendor/mainboard BIOS
> specific problem.  As best I can tell, all the dmidecode data reported
> for this 11 year old Abit BP6 mainboard is correct; matches the user
> manual data 1:1.  **Note the BIOS date**

Older boards/BIOSes may have less problems to correctly show their 
capabilities. Dunno.

In my case, the wrong data was presented by Supermicro board (PDSGE) and 
the right data was also coming from another Supermicro board (C2SBX), so 
same vendor... and not a bad one ;-)



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