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Re: ext2/3 vs xfs for maildir

On Fri, 1 Jan 2010, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

Which filesystem is more appropriate for maildir use on a Postfix/Dovecot
system, ext2/3 or xfs?  This maildir will be storing mulitple mail folders and
files, some folders containing over 10,000 email files.

I'm a big fan of XFS and have successfully used it in high performance mail servers.

If xfs, what is the most appropriate mkfs.xfs command line for creating the
filesystem best tuned for the above described maildir?  I have no previous

Here are some general optimisations for high performance systems that I've put together:


Dovecot has a few words to say on the subject too. Search for XFS in the link below.


If you go with xfs then be sure to use xfsdump/xfsrestore for backups if you can.



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