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Re: Ugly VGA fonts with console-setup (Squeeze)

On Mon,28.Dec.09, 21:52:26, Tom H wrote:
> Thanks for the link. If I understand correctly, its purpose is to add
> a grub_gfxpayload line to /etc/default/grub so that the /etc/grub.d
> scripts have a value to plug in to grub.cfg. I edit my grub.cfg


> manually so it does not really matter to me. I would love to know
> though from where the gfxpayload variable came from and why the
> gfxmode variable is not enough. One of the reasons that I tried it and

In my (limited) reading of grub2 docs and a few tests, gfxmode changes 
the video mode only for grub[1], it does not replicate the behaviour of 
the "old" vga= variable.

[1] this is also nice as it allows use of highres images for the grub 

> avoided it almost immediately is that it seemed to pop out of nowhere
> in some fora but was not referenced in the grub.enbug.org, Ubuntu, or
> ArchLinux documentation.

IIRC it was mentioned by grub itself when I tried adding the vga= 
parameter to the kernel line, something like (from memory)

"The vga= parameter is deprecated, set gfxpayload instead"

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