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Re: Ugly VGA fonts with console-setup (Squeeze)

>> Summary of OP rather than complicated snip:

>> <start>
>> What is the grub2 equivalent of setting "vga=" in the grub1 "kernel"
>> line and of setting "SCREEN_FONT=" or "CONSOLE_FONT=" in
>> "/etc/console-tools/config" or "/etc/kbd/config" respectively?
>> <end>

>> vga 1: even though it is deprecated, you can still use "vga=" in the
>> "linux" line.

>> vga 2: if you would rather not use "vga=", you can set the resolution
>> with "set gfxmode="

>> font: you need to use "pf2" fonts and set them with "loadfont
>> (hd0,X)/boot/grub/<font>.pf2"

> I found that simply setting gfxmode=1280x800 didn't work. I also had to add
> insmod vbe and something along the lines of "keeppayload" in order for grub
> to pass the resolution to the kernel. KMS needs to be enabled, and I'm not
> sure if it was already when I recompiled my kernel.

> Sorry for the vagueness, but as I'm at work I can't look into
> /etc/grub/default or /etc/grub.d/debian-05 ... hopefully its enough to
> google the exact commands.

I think that you mean "set gfxpayload=keep". I did not mention it
because it has not worked for me (my boot-up stops with a black
screen) but I have seen various sites that recommend it.

I am also at work without access to my grub2 setup and not only did I
forget "insmod vbe" but "insmod gfxterm" too. Sorry.

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