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Re: Having Grub2 use UUID instead of (hd0,1)?

* Tom H <tomh0665@gmail.com> [2009 Dec 28 20:18 -0600]:
> I am going through this thread backwards, with apologies...
> Do both the "set root" and "search" lines point to the partition where /boot is?
> To check the UUID of /boot:
> grub-probe -t fs_uuid /boot


> [And (just in case), unlike grub1, for grub2 sda1<-->(hd0,1), sda2<-->(hd0,2).]

Today I decided to remove the device.map file and then I could issue:

`grub-install '(hd0)''

and it installed to the MBR and a subsequent `update-grub' put the 
'set root=(hd0,1)' line in grub.cfg correctly even though I was running
the Sidux kernel and `df' shows my root partition to be /dev/sda1.  I
did a system restart try a new Sidux kernel and the reboot went fine. 
'grub.cfg' has all the UUIDs correct for each partition.

The next test will be whenever the grub packages are updated which is
usually where this all goes awry as somehow (/dev/sda,1) gets into
grub.cfg instead of (hd0,1).  This is where I think that if Grub would
just use the UUID that kind of mixup would be much less likely.

- Nate >>


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