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Re: LAME for Lenny

On Thu,24.Dec.09, 20:19:12, Bernard wrote:
> Hi to Everyone,
> On my older Sarge system, I used 'lame' to encode wav files to mp3.
> However I can't find 'lame' for Lenny. Could someone tell me where
> to find the appropriate package ?

You already got a solution for your problem, I just want to make a 

Unless you are space constrained or the files are only intended for a 
device which has limited support for other formats you should encode to 
flac [0].

Even if you later realize you do need mp3 (or ogg or whatever other 
format) you can still convert them without worrying about the quality 
because flac is loss-less.

[0] http://flac.sourceforge.net/

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