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Re: building a custom kernel-WAS: Re: USB disk shows up late at boot

On Sat, 26 Dec 2009 07:47:10 -0500
Paul Cartwright <ale@pcartwright.com> wrote:


[Warning: I'm no expert, so take everything I write with a grain of

> kernel hacking??

Various options that control the behavior of the kernel, for debugging,
testing, troubleshooting, etc.  You can generally ignore this section
and turn things off, although there are some useful things there (Magic
SysRq, various debugging codepaths).

> cryptographic API ?

This is the kernel crypto subsystem.  You'll need stuff therein if
you're using crypto.  What, exactly, you'll need is pretty tricky (been
there, done that ...)

> Library routines?

I think that you can pretty much ignore that section, too.  IIUC, it
contains code that out-of-tree kernel modules may need.  If you're
using such code, you may need to enable something there, but I've never
had to.

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