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Re: Help Please !

Kwaku Obeng 写道:
>  I therefore wish to make an appeal to any of you who can send me a
> copy of the Debian 5.0 DVD Pack.
I can imagine somewhere went wrong during the burning process. However
instead of fighting the burning problem it may be easier to skip the
problem by just starting with a well-made CD. So I took it as a
reasonable request.

However Africa is too far away from me. Do you know if you have a Linux
user group locally? Just try google "Linux user group" together with the
name of the city you live in. They might have plenty Debian CD in stock.
Here in Beijing Linux user group distribute a lot of CDs to other people
if you just ask them. They don't have it in stock, they just burn it on
the sight, but most burns in the right way:)

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