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Bluetooth A2DP

Hi - 

I've been a big fan of Bluetooth's A2DP (hi-fi audio via a Bluetooth
headset) service for quite some time, mostly because of my dislike of
wired headphones and the general annoyance that comes with being
physically tethered to a desktop or laptop computer when working in a

For quite some time Debian had great A2DP support in the Bluetooth 3.36
packages, but this all changed with the introduction of the 4.x series
and the migration of the audio service support from bluez-audio into the
bluez-alsa package, which seems to have been broken since creation.
There's a bug report that's been out there (maybe the title is a little
misleading?) since mid-2009, addressing the issue:


I'm puzzled why this (supposed) bug hasn't received more attention,
considering it impacts A2DP and prevents Bluetooth hi-fi audio from
working correctly on Debian.  MPlayer (as described in the bug report)
is just one example.  All ALSA-based audio applications produce the same

It's got me wondering, do folks out there who have the appropriate
headsets actually use Bluetooth hi-fi audio on Linux?  Perhaps there is
a workaround for this problem that everybody's using, that doesn't
appear on any Google searches?

Anyone else in the same boat?  Any suggestions?

- Mark

Mark Kamichoff

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