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Re: USB disk shows up late at boot

Paul Cartwright wrote:

On Mon December 21 2009, Celejar wrote:
2)  From the appropriate directory, run make menuconfig (or xconfig or
whatever you prefer) and configure appropriately

I think I have done this before, I think I tried it for a 64bit kernel, for my Duo-Core processor, but it didn't turn out well. Seems to me the "configure' part takes 2 days, or way too many options. I seem to remember it asked whether i wanted support for every known piece of hardware out there, and I don't know when to say Y or N..

I think you may have done "make config" rather than "make menuconfig". Menuconfig - at least should - provide a menu-based interface you can select packages from. It can still take a while, but much faster than being asked for each one which is... somewhat unwieldy these days. Similarly, "make xconfig" provides an X-windows interface; I've never used this.

One way of getting a list of modules you might need is to start with a stock kernel based on using modules, perhaps from a live CD. Start anything you want up, then do "lsmod" which will get you a list of all the modules it's loaded. Mapping between the module name and the exact option needed is not always as easy as it might be, but we'll call that "learning experience" ;) Apart from that, you have to anticipate: for example if you think you might need USB printing, but don't have one right now, perhaps include it.

Chris Jackson
Shadowcat Systems Ltd.

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