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Re: VDPAU? Sound when watching DVB-S2?


On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 07:40:09PM +0100, lee wrote:
> Hi,
> does the xine stuff used by kaffeine in Debian use VDPAU? If not, how
> can I make it use VDPAU?
> And how about the sound when watching DVD-S2 with kaffeine? I've
> installed the 1.0-pre2 version of kaffeine from experimental. That
> version finds HD channels, and I can see the movies, but there is no
> sound. So how can I watch and record DVB-S2 with sound?
> And then, how do I cut commercials out of HD recordings? Avidemux
> detects h264 but isn't useable with it; dvbcut doesn't detect any
> video when opening the recording. Cinelarra doesn't seem to do
> anything but create CPU load when opening the recording.
> Once the commercials are cut out, how do I get the recording onto a
> DVD to play it with a DVD player? Making DVDs works fine with non-HD
> recordings, but what about HD?

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