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VDPAU? Sound when watching DVB-S2?


does the xine stuff used by kaffeine in Debian use VDPAU? If not, how
can I make it use VDPAU?

And how about the sound when watching DVD-S2 with kaffeine? I've
installed the 1.0-pre2 version of kaffeine from experimental. That
version finds HD channels, and I can see the movies, but there is no
sound. So how can I watch and record DVB-S2 with sound?

And then, how do I cut commercials out of HD recordings? Avidemux
detects h264 but isn't useable with it; dvbcut doesn't detect any
video when opening the recording. Cinelarra doesn't seem to do
anything but create CPU load when opening the recording.

Once the commercials are cut out, how do I get the recording onto a
DVD to play it with a DVD player? Making DVDs works fine with non-HD
recordings, but what about HD?

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