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Debian Etch Install

Dear List,
	I just tried to install Debian 4.0r4a-i386 (Etch) on a Dell Dimension 8400, 
Pentium 4/3.oGHz, 4GB RAM, using two different sets of DVDs.  With either set 
of DVDs, the install routine would hang just after the Tasksel dialog box 
asking to choose the software to install.  I tried it several different ways: 
with and without the mirror, few and all selections, etc.  They all hang at 
the "Select & Install Software"  - Please wait" message.  There would be no 
hard drive activity and the DVD would spin down after a minute or so.  I 
don't know how long it would sit like that, but it sits for over 15 minutes.  
I began to suspect the partitioner, as it seemed to format 160GB in record 
time.  I have never seen any drive format as quickly.  Anyone have any ideas 
as to what could be happening?  Thanks.


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