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Re: Is apt-get still the cool package installer?

On Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:01:06 -0500, <sys49152@hushmail.com> wrote:

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Thanks for the aptitude tips.  I installed the docs package and the
right where you all was said to be. :)

Love debian for we are allowed to install a more simplified system.
 I can
even pretend I am an early 1990s grad student and use fvwm if I
wish.  How
cool is that?

FVWM isn't that rare... I use it too. It comes standard on the installation for Debian, Slackware, and SUSE. I'm not sure if others do this since I don't really use many other Linux distros, but I know it also comes with FreeBSD as I use that too.

I personally sometimes hear from people I'm weird because I don't stick with one Window Manager or one Desktop system. I use KDE and Gnome both, and then sometimes, I feel like using Enlightenment; Which I use quite a bit too, because of it's beautiful design. I normally use E016, but sometimes on Slackware, I use only E017, because I have a Slackware package that has all the required files to install Enlightenment E17 without me having to do much of anything. Basically, I grab the package, untar it, and then run one command, and it grabs and installs everything I need to run Enlightenment E17, on Slackware Linux. It's kind of neat because one of the machines I use Slackware on, is an old 433 MHz Celeron with 192 MBs of RAM, and oddly enough, I can use E17 on that box with Special FX, which doesn't lag at all. It's kind of cool really.

I also use Window Maker a lot. I have SUSE Linux, Slackware Linux, and Debian installed on multiple machines along with FreeBSD, so I have a lot of stuff to toy with even though my hardware is getting very dated. That's one of the great things about Linux and BSD; I don't HAVE to upgrade my hardware to use new things. None of my machines would even work with Vista, so it's nice I can still use them. Window Maker is always nice, and I also use FVWM, FVWM2, and FVWM95, and one other I can't remember the name of, called FVWM something or other, which looks really nice.

I use multiple Window Managers depending on what I feel like using, and of course stuff like KDE and Gnome, and even IceWM and the others.

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