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Re: Is apt-get still the cool package installer?

Olaf Reitmaier Veracierta wrote:

[123 lines snipped]

> "It is important to understand that the higher level package management
> tools such as |aptitude| or |dselect| rely on |apt| which, itself,
> relies on |dpkg| to manage the packages in the system."
> As referd by Cellejar lookin on:
> http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-faq/ch-pkgtools.en.html

er  [cough] ... all 123 lines of the original quoted, as context for 7
lines of added value .........

V poor signal to noise ratio - please don't do that.

Nick Boyce
Goto, n.:
A programming tool that exists to allow structured programmers
to complain about unstructured programmers.   -- Ray Simard

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