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Re: mutt deletes 1st unread

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 03:41:55AM -0800, freeman wrote:
> Duly, this only happens in my debian-user mailbox. (I sort with procmail.)
> The first unread email is always marked with a D, when I enter my "l-debusr"
> box.  I have to jump to it by number and undelete it.  I index by date so it
> is usually the newest or close to.
> :8
> I use folder-hooks to archive mail after n weeks. Here is the l-debusr
> hook:
> folder-hook l-debusr 'push
> <tag-pattern>~r>12w!~F<enter><tag-prefix><save-message>+archive/l-debusr<enter>'
> I am running mutt 1.5.20-5 and mutt-patched 1.5.20-5 on squeeze.
> Maybe mutt morsels might mitigate my muse!

Try the mutt-users mailing list for mutt specific questions not relating
to Debian.


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