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Re: Is apt-get still the cool package installer?

On 14 Dec 2009, Joey Hess wrote:
> John Jason Jordan wrote:
> > But all the people in the know about Debian tell me I should be using aptitude.
> > I suppose I should switch, but that would require learning new stuff. After a
> > graduate degree my brain is full, so if I learn new stuff I'll have to delete
> > some of the old stuff. Bah.
> A garbage collection shortcut for your memory: All of the old reasons
> to use aptitude instead of apt-get for command-line package installation
> no longer apply; those improvements have been rolled back into apt-get.
> -- 

I also prefer apt-get, via the frontend wajig. I did use aptitude a long
time ago but gave up because it kept removing all sorts of things it
shouldn't. No doubt it is much better now but I don't see the need to
learn a lot of complicated stuff to replace what is already working well
for me.


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