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Re: Centralized Managed Cron Daemon

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 01:29:23PM -0500, Israel Garcia wrote:
> >> The problem is I don't use webmin at all.. so I'm looking for
> >> something easier than installing webmin in more than 200 nodes...:-)
> >
> > That doesn't sound like you want a cron manager so much as a
> > systems administration automation system (which will include the
> > ability to put cron jobs on classes of machines). Consider
> > Puppet and bcfg2.
> >
> Hi Dan,
> We're planning to use puppet but it's not exactly what I'm looking
> for. What I want is something to manage all crontabs (from domUs) with
> some centralized daemon. I'm getting terrible performance with IO when
> all guests run their crontab (at the same time) at 6:25 AM.

Have puppet put the crontabs into place with a slightly
randomized or offset runtime. For example, use the last octet of
the primary ethernet address modulo 60 for the minute field. Or
if you don't need it to be all in the same hour block, use the
last octet modulo 4 + 6 to give hours from 6 to 10, then modulo
60 for the minute field.


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