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Re: Configuration problem of two NIC

On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 08:48:02 -0800, Arif tuhin wrote:

> I have two NIC. one is connected to a private network. and ip of that
> network is determined by dhcp.
> another NIC is connected to another network. for that network, ip is
> specifically assigned by the network administrator of that network.
> eth0 is connected to that dedicated line and eth1 is connected to my
> office network.
> i'm giving the configuration of the two network.

And what is/are the problem/s you are experiencing with your setup? :-?

Maybe if you explain the symptoms (i.e. "no Internet connection at all, 
only lan pings/browsing on eth0, no host resolution under eth1", etc...), 
someone could help :-)



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