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Re: spam+virus filtering

On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 14:49:42 -0800, Tudod Ki wrote:

> howtos like these:
> http://www.ghacks.net/2009/10/25/add-antivirus-to-postfix-with-clamav/
> http://www.debianadmin.com/how-to-filter-spam-with-spamassassin-and-
> Will give me spam/virus filtering for INBOUND or OUTBOUND mails? Or
> Both? sorry for the question :D But I have to know it 100% sure. thanks.

If you are planning to do spam+antivirus filtering, let me suggest you 
Amavisd-new to act as a "glue" for all the added services.

Postfix calls Amavisd-new and Amavisd-new calls both, SA and ClamAV and 
then reinjects the mail into Postfix.

IIRC, Postfix and Amavisd can be configured to perform both, inbound and 
outbound filtering, if required.



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