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Re: regexp: anything but |

* lee <lee@yun.yagibdah.de> 09.12.2009

> <start of line> <anything> <pipe> <anything but pipe> -[-0] <pipe>
> should match above line. But why does it match

Hello lee,

look at the program 'txt2regex'. With it you can define a regex for some 
programs like sed, vim, grep etc. It's not perfect, but you always get 
the idea.

Package: txt2regex
Section: utils
Version: 0.8-3
Depends: bash (>> 2.04)
Description: A Regular Expression "wizard", all written with bash2 
 ^txt2regex$ is a Regular Expression "wizard", all written with bash2
 builtins, that converts human sentences to RegExs. With a simple
 interface, you just answer to questions and build your own RegEx for a
 large variety of programs, like awk, emacs, grep, perl, php, procmail,
 python, sed and vim. There are more than 20 supported programs.

Hth Michael

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              M.C. Escher

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