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Re: GRUB2 Squeeze

Mark skrev:
>On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 8:48 AM, Tixy <debianuser@tixy.myzen.co.uk <mailto:debianuser@tixy.myzen.co.uk>> wrote:
 >The unofficial Debian motto is that they'll "release when it's ready",
 >so don't plan on any rigid dates.

Wasn't there an email to this list a couple months ago from an official Debian source that said Debian is adopting time-based release schedules?

I think there was not.

Everything I have seen discusses time-based freezes. The message linked in the previous reply says:

"Proposing a new freeze date is not easy. Taking into account all of
the feedback we have received, both online (by e-mail, IRC) as well as
in person, and some challenging release goals we have set for ourselves,
we propose freezing in March 2010."

That message is from the release team, which may be as official as it will get regarding this question.

The intention seems to be to find a compromise between the old debian way, and the need for possibility of planning ahead. The proposed compromise is to have time-based freezes, and then release when it is ready.

As stated before, the proposed freeze date is march 2010,

/ johan

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