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Re: how to reset scd0

On Wed, 9 Dec 2009 19:35:58 +0100
lee <lee@yun.yagibdah.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> how can I reset /dev/scd0 without rebooting?
> This device is an SATA blueray player I was using to write something
> onto a DVD RW. When it turned out that writing would take a
> ridiculously long time (5--6 hours), I aborted the process. Now the
> drive seems the be in an unsable state. It takes ridiculously long to
> even write a DVD R, and writing DVD Rs now always fails (I wasted two
> already).
> Neiter hdparm -w nor wodim -reset or wodim -abort can be performed on
> this device.

If your driver has been built as a module, you can try removing and
reinserting it.

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